Who Says Three Little Pigs Are Only For Kids?!?

PiggieYesterday, I was excited to receive the following email from Judith in Clermont, FL:

I have been delighted and intrigued since my first meeting with your pigs. I teach a conversation class for adult learners who use English as their second language. I brought in my iPad and passed it around for the learners to take turns reading each page. We discussed the meaning of each part of the story as many words are difficult for them. I can say no one was in the least bored. They couldn’t wait for their turn to play and read. Believe it or not, with all the discussions, etc. we spent almost a full hour on this very enjoyable lesson.

I’ve heard of our interactive books being used in a variety of classroom settings before, but this is definitely the first story involving adults and Three Little Pigs.  The iPad is really a remarkable device that has the potential to inspire people in all sorts of situations.  Do you have stories from your classroom as well?  Let me know!