iPads and Bathtubs Don’t Mix

A friend forwarded me the following story that Ingrid Simone posted on Common Sense Media website entitled “My Kids’ First iPad”.  I had to laugh and repost a part of it – Bobo was almost responsible for a minor disaster that was only narrowly averted.  You can read the entire post here.

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Establish some ground rules. Introducing an iPad (or any tablet) in your home the first time will require setting some ground rules. Even if you have other electronic devices the kids use, you’ll want to think about the questions the iPad will raise. A few examples:

How does iPad time figure into overall screen time limits? In my house, we don’t have hard-and-fast screen time limits. But maybe you’re a one-hour-a-day max family.

Is iPad time now included in that hour? Is it OK to make in-app purchases? We have tips for how to approach this question.

Is it OK to use the iPad without asking first? For us, no. Always ask first.

Is it OK to use the iPad while also watching TV? I encourage my kids to do one screen at a time.

Is it OK to take the iPad into the bathroom? I didn’t think I needed to address this until my 6-year-old son took the iPad into the bathroom so he could continue with the Bobo Explores Light science book app while taking his bath. The iPad was resting on a bench outside the tub, and he reasoned “but my hands are dry.” It could’ve been a disaster, and I could’ve avoided the close call by establishing that rule up front — and of course by making better use of those eyes in the back of my head. (Side note: Clearly this is a thoroughly engaging app! A 5-star keeper!)