Essentials for your iPad

My mom just got an iPad for herself and, naturally, I was bombarded with a barrage of questions:

  • How can I delete an email?
  • Can I call you on Skype?
  • Why does the screen turn dark when I don’t touch it for a while?
  • How can I read books on this?
  • Why do the icons shimmer when I hold them?  etc.

All were delightful, of course, and made me appreciate the device all over again.  It really is a sleek little box that, for the most part, just works – even with my mom driving.

At some point during the Q&A, it became apparent that we need to install some apps that no device should be without.  I went to the App Store searching my memory and trying to remember all the goodies that she would likely find helpful.  It turns out that Apple beat me to the punch because among the main features of the US store this week is the “App Starter Kit”:

Starter Kit

I followed the link and was delighted to find out that Bobo Explores Light shows up among the selected apps, right on the front page.  Check it out!

Bobo Starter