3.5 Million Pages Served!

Over 3 Million Server

Today, the bright and sunny offices of Game Collage, LLC were full of administrative hustle and spreadsheet excitement.  Numbers were being added, divided, and added up again, software and hardware calculators could barely keep up with the nimble fingers of their users, spreadsheets were spilling out of their rows… in short, I was working on state taxes.

In the middle of this mayhem, my mom calls.  Because I’m already knee deep in numbers, I crank out a couple of pivot tables to amuse her with interesting statistics and, in the process, manage to surprise even myself.

Since Bobo’s launch, kids from around the world have looked at a cumulative 3.5 million pages in the book!

Wha?!?  That’s.. uh… three… *sigh* I can’t even count that high!  Additionally, kids spent almost 2.5 minutes on every page adding up to a total of well over 15 years! that Bobo has been entertaining the world with science.  Without a shred of doubt, this is my greatest personal achievement to date.

Another interesting statistic that fell out was that people spend on average 20 minutes reading the book each time.  That means folks don’t just pick the book up and put it away, but spend some meaningful time with it.  I’m very excited that the months of work and late nights that went towards creating Bobo ended up being somehow useful to the world.

If you are among those people who have spent a portion of those 15 years with Bobo, thank you!  I hope you enjoyed it and that you’ll spend a few more years with it yet.