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Magical Book

State-of-the-art technology brings these classic stories to life – it’s like having a magical book in the palms of your own hands!

Three Stories

The Little Mermaid and Other Stories by H. C. Andersenapp consists of three of Andersen’s most beloved stories – The Little Mermaid, Emperor’s New Clothes, and Happy Family.

Original Illustrations

Original wood-print illustrations from the 1800s have been restored, remastered, and brought to life with beautiful color and stunning detail, while preserving their timeless charm.

Awards and Recognitions

  • Kirkus Star Award – Kirkus Review
  • Best Accessory – iPhone Life
  • 2010 Hot Trends, Staff Favorite, #1 iPad Book in the US – Apple App Store


  • “Fairy tale iPad app is pure magic!”
    – Huffington Post
  • “We chuckle when Apple calls the iPad magical, but there are a handful of apps that really make it feel that way. This is one of them.”
    – Gizmodo
  • “If you liked Alice In Wonderland then ‘The Little Mermaid’ will not fail to impress you. Interactive book at its best.”
    – iPad Arena
  • “‘The Little Mermaid’ does for Hans Christian Andersen what ‘Alice for iPad’ did for Lewis Carroll. Namely, it transforms the book to a highly interactive, graphically-rich experience for reading.”
    – TUAW
  • “‘Little Mermaid’ iPad App is truly a fairy tale”
    – The Digital Reader



The Little Mermaid and Other Stories by H. C. Andersen includes the following:

  • 3 stories – “The Little Mermaid”, “Emperor’s New Clothes”, and “The Happy Family”
  • 65 colorful pages
  • 38 interactive / animated pages
  • Engaging sound effects
  • Stunning, digitally re-mastered original illustrations
  • Full physics engine backing
  • Highly polished user interface
  • Page swipe for easy navigation