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This award-winning, chart-topping, world-wide hit, featuring fast-paced action and beautiful graphics, is sure to delight both the young and the old.

High-Speed Chase

Axl and Tuna is a humorous take on the endless runner that will challenge adults and entertain kids of all ages. Help Axl chase lost Fuzzbot in the Fuzzbot Factory while dodging other robots along the way.

Family-Friendly Fun

The game features beautiful animations, colorful characters, and hours of entertainment for the whole family. Go beyond the tap-tap! Discover unparalleled jumps, catching air, fast free falls and forward/backward flips all at your fingertips!

New Track Daily

Every day you compete on a completely new track, with its own set of challenges and obstacles. Can you perfect your score before the track changes? Beat your daily best scores for the number of Fuzzbots collected, distance covered, and tricks performed.