The complete solution for your iOS app development needs,
from idea conception to release management.


Whether it’s brainstorming new ideas or assessing the viability of existing product choices, I can help you see the broader picture. We can talk device capabilities, app ecosystem ideas, user engagement, product design, and the user experience as a whole.


Best way to see how a product feels in the hands of the end user? Prototype it. I can help you mock-up variations of a feature quickly so you can pick the one that feels the best before ever embarking on developing production-quality code.


Solid architecture decides your product stability and code longevity, and those translate to user retention and development costs. I can help you modularize your code, separate logical components from their visual counterparts, and distill core frameworks for reuse within your app ecosystem.


With over 15 years of professional development experience, I can help you produce quality code quickly, thinking of edge cases, potential race conditions, and common pitfalls from the get go. Good code design and solid development techniques can help significantly minimize bug tails and shorten development cycles.


Having released apps on the Apple App Store many times over, I can usher you through the process, help you correctly manage timelines and schedules, and minimize the potential of your app being rejected last minute.


Whether you’re managing a junior or a senior team that is new to iOS, I can fill your gaps in know-how with hands-on examples, suggestions, code reviews, design reviews,  and comments that are appropriate to the skill levels of individual team members.

I’m Juraj and I’ve been writing iOS apps since the first days of the iPhone, when I left Microsoft to take a “little break”. Over the years, I’ve published well over a dozen apps of my own and helped at least as many other companies, from startups to large corporations, to publish theirs.

My own apps have received countless accolades, from the coveted Apple Design Award to praises from CNN and The New York Times.

Building upon a CS degree from Harvard and 15 years of development experience in C, C++, Java, C#, Objective-C and Swift, I bring practical know-how that enables my clients to author the right app, the first time. I can be equally effective working independently as well as plugging myself into an existing team infrastructure. Companies of various sizes have used my skills to simplify and modularize their code, rapidly prototype ideas for their v2 products, and set a solid direction for their app’s internal architecture and external functionality.

Over the years, I’ve witnesses development strategies that worked and development strategies that failed. I help my clients take the guess work out of the equation and offer suggestions that help maximize their potential for success, given their resources and needs.

The bottom line: I thrive helping clients create mobile experiences that rock.
So, the question is…

How can I help you?

My personal projects encourage kids to read, explore, and fuel their curiosity about the world around them. Here are a few of my latest releases.