Axl & Tuna a Winner at PocketGamer’s BIG Indie Pitch!

BIG Indie PitchThis week, I attended PocketGamer’s BIG Indie Pitch event in Seattle and I’m super excited to share that:

Axl and Tuna was the 1st prize winner!


Here’s a big Thank You to the judges and organizers of the event which was a total blast. And huge congrats to all the other indies presenting their awesome games! Pitching your app to a series of judges with a 3min timer ticking in the background can be a nerve-wracking experience and I was very impressed with how polished people’s games and presentations ended up being. It’s been truly an inspiring and humbling evening to be surrounded by so many creative minds of the indie world. Thanks again, stay in touch, and for those of you who couldn’t make it, check out some of the pictures below.


10631244_550188685092966_6308758233918177536_o 1537911_550189261759575_1196455909184084041_o
10623934_550189228426245_7415014553862171619_o 10623994_550189085092926_585066189912450093_o
10582820_550188711759630_1187404134146531830_o 10571946_550190931759408_2666512479498753697_o
10562646_550188988426269_1475729504939946353_o 10537208_550189205092914_1438582709519105764_o
10548101_550190081759493_804367621227201811_o 10537490_550188921759609_3927591374972699089_o
10549965_550189341759567_30447007708978632_o 10506992_550189901759511_8981276265168200398_o
10286920_550190468426121_8608735456001546496_o The Venue

Check out more images at the official event website here.

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