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LinenLady49 beats the world!

LinenLady49 Scores BigHuge congratulations to LinenLady49 for holding the best Axl & Tuna score


I mean, look at those 22,174 points! The highest I’ve managed to score was somewhere around 2,000. LinenLady49 has bested both me and Dean many times over. For that, and for being such a staunch supporter of our game, we hereby award her the title of “Most Awesome”.

As a way of saying “thank you,” we’re sending her a gift package containing a signed Certificate of Most Awesomeness, an authentic can of TUNA*, and an iTunes gift card to support her mad gaming skills. Please join us in cheering LinenLady49 into even greater heights of Awesomenessdom.

* No Fuzzbots were harmed in the production of said TUNA can.

 Prize Package

Axl & Tuna a Winner at PocketGamer’s BIG Indie Pitch!

BIG Indie PitchThis week, I attended PocketGamer’s BIG Indie Pitch event in Seattle and I’m super excited to share that:

Axl and Tuna was the 1st prize winner!


Here’s a big Thank You to the judges and organizers of the event which was a total blast. And huge congrats to all the other indies presenting their awesome games! Pitching your app to a series of judges with a 3min timer ticking in the background can be a nerve-wracking experience and I was very impressed with how polished people’s games and presentations ended up being. It’s been truly an inspiring and humbling evening to be surrounded by so many creative minds of the indie world. Thanks again, stay in touch, and for those of you who couldn’t make it, check out some of the pictures below.


10631244_550188685092966_6308758233918177536_o 1537911_550189261759575_1196455909184084041_o
10623934_550189228426245_7415014553862171619_o 10623994_550189085092926_585066189912450093_o
10582820_550188711759630_1187404134146531830_o 10571946_550190931759408_2666512479498753697_o
10562646_550188988426269_1475729504939946353_o 10537208_550189205092914_1438582709519105764_o
10548101_550190081759493_804367621227201811_o 10537490_550188921759609_3927591374972699089_o
10549965_550189341759567_30447007708978632_o 10506992_550189901759511_8981276265168200398_o
10286920_550190468426121_8608735456001546496_o The Venue

Check out more images at the official event website here.

Bobo Makes a Facebook Debut

Bobo and Social Media

Bobo the Robot is now so cool that he has his very own Facebook page.  Check it out and learn all about where he came from, where he’s going, and what he’s up to this very moment!  Have you ever seen Bobo’s year book picture?  Log onto Facebook and take a peek right now.

Apple Design Award

Apple Design AwardA little over a year ago, a picture of a robot was scribbled on a piece of brown craft paper.  He was named “Bobo”. Last September, that same little robot made his debut exploring the science behind light and delighting children and adults around the globe.

At WWDC Apple recognized the mountain of work and polish that went into Bobo’s adventure with an Apple Design Award.

Bobo would never have become a reality without the incredible support of Apple’s platform and without the excitement and endorsement of the thousands of kids around the world.

Thank you.

Every day, they adopt Bobo and invite him into their lives. Excitement builds curiosity, curiosity powers learning, and learning drives us all forward.  Keep learning.  Keep thinking.  And most of all, keep exploring!

Doodle Blast! HD Makes an iPad Retina Debut

After seeing the new iPad with over 3 million (!) pixels, I couldn’t help but take a break from what I was doing and dust off an old favorite – Doodle Blast! HD – to get it ready for the new device.

In theory the task was simple enough.  I had saved most of the original images as vector files, so re-scaling them, while tedious, was fairly straight-forward.  However, the poor codebase was very outdated and in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint.  It took me over five days of round-the-clock work to rip out the old scoring system, add Game Center support, iOS5 Twitter support, replace Cocos 2D v0.7 with Cocos 2D v1.1, and implement selective retina image loading for high-res devices that supported them.

The results, however, speak for themselves.  The pixels on the new iPad are so tiny, that this game more than any other literally looks like a sheet of graph paper that came to life.

Take a look at the following images for comparison.  The first is a 100% scaled version of the tank from the original iPhone game.  The second is that same tank, also scaled to 100%, as used by the new iPad:


Enhanced for new iPad:


The game is now available for only $0.99 (a far cry from all the $7 games for the new iPad) and as one of the DB gamers put it – “Stills don’t do this game justice – you have to play it and control the awesome firepower to really appreciate it.”  Click here to check it out at the App Store!

3.5 Million Pages Served!

Over 3 Million Server

Today, the bright and sunny offices of Game Collage, LLC were full of administrative hustle and spreadsheet excitement.  Numbers were being added, divided, and added up again, software and hardware calculators could barely keep up with the nimble fingers of their users, spreadsheets were spilling out of their rows… in short, I was working on state taxes.

In the middle of this mayhem, my mom calls.  Because I’m already knee deep in numbers, I crank out a couple of pivot tables to amuse her with interesting statistics and, in the process, manage to surprise even myself.

Since Bobo’s launch, kids from around the world have looked at a cumulative 3.5 million pages in the book!

Wha?!?  That’s.. uh… three… *sigh* I can’t even count that high!  Additionally, kids spent almost 2.5 minutes on every page adding up to a total of well over 15 years! that Bobo has been entertaining the world with science.  Without a shred of doubt, this is my greatest personal achievement to date.

Another interesting statistic that fell out was that people spend on average 20 minutes reading the book each time.  That means folks don’t just pick the book up and put it away, but spend some meaningful time with it.  I’m very excited that the months of work and late nights that went towards creating Bobo ended up being somehow useful to the world.

If you are among those people who have spent a portion of those 15 years with Bobo, thank you!  I hope you enjoyed it and that you’ll spend a few more years with it yet.

Bobo Among Cybils Award Finalists

Cyblis 2011

Happy New Year everyone!  We’re excited to usher in the first day of January with some great news – Bobo Explores Light was just selected among book app finalists for Cybils 2011 awards.  Congrats to the other finalists as well!  You can read the official announcement on the Cybils web site here.

Bobo Awarded the KAPi Award

Today, the Children’s Technology Review and Living in Digital Times announced their third annual Kids at Play Interactive Award winners, which included our interactive book Bobo Explores Light!

KAPi Award

Children’s Technology Review and Living in Digital Times award the KAPi Award to recognize “the most innovative games, software, devices and apps for engaging, entertaining and educating today’s children.”  This year, 8 products received the award from over 600 that were nominated.  We are very excited to have achieved this honor.  You can read more about the awards as well read about the other winners from the official posting here.

Cyber Monday Sale is Here!

Today and today only we have an amazing Cyber Monday sale on ALL of our interactive books.
Click on each title to link directly to the iTunes App Store – at prices this low, we might as well be giving these books away!

This sale only happens once a year!

Bobo Explores Light

Bobo Explores Light

Experience the app that reviewers call a “high velocity joyride for kids!”.  Let your children experience science behind light while interacting with lasers, adjusting mirrors, drawing auroras and discovering close to 20 other topics through hands-on demonstrations, videos, and narratives.  Featured by Apple as iPad App of the Week and recommended by countless reviews including those from Wired, The Guardian, Mac Observer, and The iPhone Mom.


Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs and the Secrets of a Popup Book

An interactive popup book with classic illustrations unlike any you’ve seen to date. At the press of a button, look through each page to see the gears, levers, and pulleys that make the characters come alive all the while pulling, pushing, and twisting elements on the page. Huffington Post hails it as the “best of both digital and paper in a totally new-fangled take on the pop-up book.”


Three Little Pigs

The Little Mermaid and Other Stories by H. C. Andersen

Three of Andersen’s most beloved stories come to life in this magical tome guaranteed to inspire awe and wonder in every child.  Swim in the ocean with the Little Mermaid, follow a snail’s determined quest to find love in the Happy Family, and laugh at the iconic ruler’s pride in Emperor’s New Clothes.  Complete with countless sound effects, crisp animations, and dozens of interactive elements, this book transforms bedtime stories into mesmerizing journeys into the world of imagination.  Selected among Top 10 Books by Kirkus Review.

Did you know…that you can GIFT these books to kids as codes that they can redeem on their iPads?

It’s a great way to give books as stocking stuffers and presents for the holidays!  Just follow these simple steps:

1. Open iTunes and navigate to your favorite interactive book

Gift App Arrow

2. Click the little arrow next to the price of the app

Gift App Option

3. Select “Gift this App” from the menu
4. Follow the on-screen instructions

Cyber Monday AMAZING Children’s Interactive Book SALE

Cyber Monday SaleThis coming Monday, November 28, is our once-a-year Cyber Monday blow out sale on all of our interactive book titles!

Interactive Book Icons

That’s right!  For 24 hours, you will be able to download or gift all of our interactive books directly from the App Store at a fraction of their cost.  That is our way of saying “Thank you!” for all of your support, emails, and suggestions.

If you’ve been waiting to check out Bobo Explores Light, The Three Little Pigs, or The Little Mermaid, now is your chance.  See why our books have been awarded countless accolades, including the iPad App of the Week, Kirkus Star, and CSM Editor’s Choice Award!

Follow us on Twitter and watch for our kick-off announcement this Monday.

Image: Master isolated images