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“Remember drawing spaceships as a kid and then filling every available bit of their surface areas with guns? This is the tank equivalent! Photos and videos do not do this game justice. You have to play it and control the awesome firepower to really appreciate it.”

BLAST your way through this doodle-filled world with an ever- changing TOWER OF GUNS precariously attached to the top of your TANK. Blow up choppers, target jets, explode jeeps, and flatten whole armies of enemy foot soldiers. How far can you make it before your own METAL BEAST gives out?

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Recognitions and Reviews >

  • Best Doodle Games, New and Noteworthy, What’s Hot – Apple App Store
  • “Doodle Blast! may be the best looking doodle game ever.”
    – 148 Apps
  • “Now my app of choice when demo-ing the iPhone games capability.”
    – Sunday Times

Features >

Doodle Blast! and Doodle Blast! HDincludes the following:

  • 11 unique weapons from heavy-weight machine guns to rocket launchers!
  • 6 different types of foes to battle, plus a sneaky “assassin squad” to keep you on your toes!
  • Flickable enemy soldiers – flick them up and shoot them mid-air!
  • Multi-touch support – play with all your fingers!
  • Adaptive gameplay that changes based on your strategy to increase replay value – every game is different!
  • Full physics engine brings the clanking and rattling to a new level of realism!
  • Global scores – compare your skills with others around the world!
  • Twitter support –share your AWESOME DESTRUCTION skills with your friends!