Game Collage is a lean and nimble iOS development studio based in sunny Seattle, WA for about three weeks every year. The rest of the time, we operate from underneath the gray skies in the same city, finding solace in steaming cups of coffee and counting days until the next bout of summer.

We create proprietary content and partner with small and large clients worldwide to hand-craft the very best in gaming, education, and interactive books. We pride ourselves in innovative solutions, quick turn-around time, and proven development strategies that deliver outstanding results to both our clients and our user base.

Game Collage and its titles have won numerous awards, including the coveted Apple Design Award, Children’s Technology Review’s KAPi Award, and Kirkus Review’s Kirkus Star Award. Our apps have been selected among top titles by The New York Times, The Guardian, Babble, Gizmodo, and Huffington Post, they have reached the highest spots in the Apple App Store charts, and have been featured by Apple as App of the Week as well as among apps in the App Hall of Fame and App Starter Kit. They have been lauded by dozens of reviewers and thousands of kids, parents, and grand-parents from all corners of the globe.

Game Collage was founded in 2009 by Juraj Hlaváč who fell in love with the evolving mobile technology and decided to turn this passion into a full-time vocation. Juraj comes from a rich background in software development. He graduated from Harvard University with a computer science degree and pursued professional opportunities with a number of startups as well as working for several years for Microsoft as a senior software development engineer. His wealth of experience with projects large and small allows Game Collage to maintain its focus and deliver the right solution for each problem we embark on solving.

We love your apps. Thank you!
Zoe age 5,
William  age 8

One of the huge benefits of our small company is the immediate feedback and connection we foster with our customers and end users. We have traveled the world and have first-hand experience on how technology, especially mobile technology, can inspire and transform people’s lives. The best praise we hear always comes from kids. We answer every email we receive and get very excited every time we get a message directed at the little mermaid or the robot named Bobo.

We would love to hear from you as well. If you’d like to get in touch, please send us an email at supportweb [at] gamecollage [dot] com. Messages of the “you guys are AWESOME” type are especially welcome!